Join the Camp Staff!

The Northwest Texas Council is building a reputation by providing Scouts with a quality camping
experience. Opportunities to serve Scouting by being a member of the Camp Staff are available to qualified members of the Boy Scouts of America. The requirements are stiff; the job is demanding; the experience exhilarating!

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     1. Be a registered member of the BSA
     2. AGE—be at least 15 years of age, 1st Class Scout or Venture Crew Member
     3. Exemplify the ideals of Scouting as expressed in the Scout Oath and Law

Due to Texas legislation, any adult attending, participating in, or an overnight visit to a Texas camp of any sorts (scouts, church, youth, etc.) must have Online Youth protection. Video youth protection will not be accepted because individual must have a 80% or better score on the test. It has to be an online certificate issued at the successful completion of the online training. A copy of this certificate must be presented to the camp directors. 

The organization holding the camp will perform a Criminal Background check and Sex Offender check on anyone attending the camp. Please check with the Texas camp you are attending, as each camp may require additional information. This does not include weekend camping, only state regulated camps (day camps, resident camps, summer camps, etc.) 

If you have any questions regarding this State Law, please contact the Scout Service Center.