The Northwest Texas Council, Boy Scouts of America is currently working hard to increase our endowment fund in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. Our goal is 100 new James E. West members in 2010 to honor and celebrate Scouting's 100th Anniversary!! All Endowment gifts remain in our local endowment fund to support Scouting's financial future in our Council. To date we have 165 James E. West Fellows and as an active board member and community leader, I would like you to join me in my effort to achieve this goal!

Wayne Mansur
VP of Endowment

Council VP of Endowment - Wayne Mansur

In 2010, over $43,000 was added to the principal of our Endowment fund through Memorials, 15 new James E. West members. Listed below are the newest members to participate in our Endowment program to date in 2011.
James E. West Members
Stan Murrow
Alan Rainey

1910 Society Members
Warren & Pam Ayres
Neil & Manon McMullen

Encouraging gifts to BSA local council endowment funds is one of Scouting's highest priorities. It is one of the best ways to ensure that our council can continue to offer the outstanding programs it now has and also grow to meet the needs of the youth and communities it serves.

In its gratitude for such support, the BSA nationally offers three distinct recognition awards. These awards are presented by the council to donors who support Scouting's financial future with gifts to their local council endowment funds
Q: What is the Council Endowment Fund?
A: The Endowment fund is a trust that was established by the Executive Board of the Northwest Texas Council. Gifts to this fund are held in perpetuity meaning that the original gift amount is never spent but is rather invested. The earnings from this investment are then used to bring Scouting to our urban, suburban, and rural young people. A gift to the NWTC Endowment Fund truly is the gift that keeps on giving-forever!

Q: How does my Endowment gift benefit young people?
A: The Trust Committee of the Council Executive Board oversees the annual investment of our Council Endowment Fund. The earnings from this fund are included in the council budget each year to provide programs, service, and summer camp scholarships to young people.

Q: What are the Endowment recognition items?
A: Each Endowment gift is appropriately recognized with a personalized certificate, a lapel pin, and an Endowment square knot for wear on the official Boy Scouts of America uniform. Additional recognitions are available depeding on the level of giving.

Q: How do I enroll myself, or another, as a member of the Endowment programs of the Northwest Texas Council?
A: Call the Northwest Texas Council at (940) 696-2735.

Q: What are the different levels of giving for Endowment gifts?
James E. West Fellowship - $1,000 minimum
Heritage Society Member - $10,000 minimum
1910 Society Member - $25,000 minimum
  • Ernest Thompson Seton . $25,000
  • Daniel Carter Beard . $100,000
  • Theodore Roosevelt . $500,000
  • Waite Phillips. $1,000,000
  • Waite Phillips Silver. $5,000,000
  • Waite Phillips Gold. $10,000,000
Founders Circle (Deferred Giving) - $100,000 minimum
  • Bronze. $100,000
  • Silver. $250,000
  • Gold. $500,000
  • Platinum $1,000,000