Supplemental Training

Supplemental training modules are designed to provide orientation beyond the basic training offered in This Is Scouting and leader-specific training. Each module is a unit of training that can be used as an outline for a group, for personal coaching, or for self-study. Most of the outlines should require about an hour to complete. Consider each unit of study to be an introduction to the subject. Scouters are welcome to download subjects that are of interest for personal or unit use. There are no training credits associated with the completion of these units of study. Additional training units are being developed and will be continually added to this site.

How to Conduct a Pinewood Derby   
Like many popular Scouting programs, the pinewood derby began at one unit and spread nationwide like wildfire. The grassroots program—because of its very nature, its inherent merit, and the fact that it is just plain fun—went from one father’s idea at a California Cub Scout pack to sweeping the nation in the early 1950s. This module will teach you the history and help you host a derby of your own.

Beginning Cold Weather Camping
For many troops and crews, the first chilly days of winter mark the arrival of camping doldrums for the outdoor program. Units otherwise skilled in camping during the fair months of the year feel unprepared to handle the more challenging camping situations of winter. The following training along with the publication, Okpik: Cold –Weather Camping (available at your local Scout Service Center), provides both leadership and practical approaches for leaders wishing to bolster their camping program to a year–round one.

Cooking Without Utensils   
Cooking without utensils, while no longer a rank requirement, is a long-time scouting tradition. Its novelty makes it a great deal of fun and an adventure to some extent. It can teach a great deal about heat management, meal planning, and nutrition. It can be much more than a marshmallow or hotdog on a stick – and it should be.

Leave No Trace: Preserving the Beauty and Maintaining Our Access to the Land
Learn to identify personal nature awareness and stewardship goals, and learn advanced skills, but simple ones, that will help ensure a minimum-impact (Leave No Trace) experience on all outdoor experiences.

Disc Golf in Support of Scouting
Disc golf is one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities among youth and young adults. This course will teach you how disc golf can help you to improve your Scouting program, including using disc golf as an activity, for advancement, and as a great source of service projects. And, of course, you’ll learn how to play disc golf—and teach others to play.

Mentoring is an opportunity to help a person grow through discovery. This session will address various mentoring models and ways to be a mentor to Scouts and Scouters.

Boy Scout Roundtable Planning Guide 2011-2012
The mission of the Boy Scout roundtable is to provide quality resources, knowledge, and skills to unit leaders to enable and motivate them to deliver an outstanding program to their Scout troops.  Roundtables focus on program highlights for upcoming months’ sessions.  This guide is current for the 2011-2012 program year.

Chain Saw Safety
Council properties rely on chain saws to help clear trails, remove deadfalls, clear timber, and stockpile wood for campfires and heating buildings. This training outline provides local councils with the resources to train chain saw operators on council property.

Merit Badge Counselor Instructors Guide  
This module will guide new and potential merit badge counselors through their responsibilities in the role and will give them an understanding of the methods of counseling Scouts. It is intended as a short orientation course for new merit badge counselors before they begin working with Scouts.

Geocaching to Promote Scouting
Geocaching is an exciting new sport that uses GPS navigation to find hidden treasures. It provides another tool for the fun-with-a-purpose toolbox and can combine outdoor adventure with advancement, recruiting, retention, and public relations.

The Order of the Arrow and Your Troop
This session discusses the benefits to the individual, troop, district, and council as a result of the Order of the Arrow's influence in your troop.

Orientation for New Boy Scout Parents  
This brief orientation is designed to draw new parents into the troop experience and give them the information they need to enjoy the program and help their sons succeed.

Planning and Conducting a Safe Scout Outing  
Although it can be effectively used at the unit level, this outline and video were designed to be presented at a district or council-level venue, such as a University of Scouting. An explanation of the sandwich principle and emphasis on the importance of qualified supervision and discipline are at the core of this training. NOTE: Due to the large size of this file, it is highly recommended that it be downloaded rather than trying to view it directly from this site.

Recruiting Quality Training Staff  
Recruiting is an ongoing responsibility. This session will provide an overview of the steps involved in recruiting quality district or council training staff and will allow participants to take a step-by-step practice run through the recruiting process.

Scoutmaster Conference Training  
This module will teach Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, and other troop leaders about the purposes of the Scoutmaster's conference and will offer suggestions for questions that could be asked at these conferences.

Selecting Quality Leaders  
This session will provide an overview of the seven steps to recruiting a key adult unit leader and will prepare participants to recruit new leaders for their units' needs.

Bullying: Prevention and Intervention Tips for Scout Leaders and Parents
The values of Scouting make it clear that bullying cannot be tolerated. Scouting leaders have a unique opportunity to teach respect and acceptance of others. Download the accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Conducting an Interfaith Service  
Scouts and unit leaders can learn to conduct an interfaith service (formerly a Scouts' Own) that is inclusive for all participants.

Cub Scout Commissioner Roundtable Fast Start  
This module provides a general overview of roundtable commissioners responsibilities, as well as an outline for roundtable meetings.

Supporting Scouts With AD/HD PPT DOC
The aims and methods of the Scouting program make it an outstanding opportunity for those with AD/HD characteristics to develop and enhance the skills that can lead to success in school, in relationships with other, and in life.

Use these resources to learn about the BeAScout campaign and prepare for fall recruiting.